We are actively working on several maps and data visualizations that will be online soon. In the meantime, below is our current collection of data analyses to support safe streets advocacy.

If you have an idea for a map we haven't made yet, please let us know!

San Francisco, CA
Illegal Parking Enforcement
San Francisco, CA
May 20th, 2023
This analysis provides a detailed audit of 19.5 million SFMTA illegal parking citations since 2008 and shows not only where illegal parking violations are taking place but examines exactly which violations the SFMTA is prioritizing. We also analyzed the effectiveness of SFMTA's current parking enforcement strategy through a both economic and public safety lens and highlight repeat offenders by license plate.
San Francisco, CA
Slow Streets
San Francisco, CA
December 6th, 2022
On December 6th, 2022 the SFMTA Board of Directors voted to preserve or abolish 16 critical Slow Streets across San Francisco. We analyzed crash data from the San Francisco Department of Public Health to understand the impact Slow Streets had on reducing vehicle crashes on each of these residential streets since signs discouraging cut-through traffic were installed.
San Francisco, CA
SFPD Traffic Enforcement Analysis
San Francisco, CA
August 5th, 2022
In May 2022 we sunshined the SFPD for every moving violation they have written in the past five years and received a spreadsheet of over 64k citations. This map visualizes and analyzes SFPD traffic enforcement activity between January 2018 – May 2022 specifically examining the percentage of citations that "focus on the five" most dangerous violations that result in serious injury and death such as speeding and running red lights. This analysis also investigates SFPD traffic enforcement activity in Equity Priority Communities where residents are disproportionately targeted for non-life-threatening moving violations such as broken taillights and expired tags––citations often used to initiate pretextual stops.
San Francisco, CA
Traffic Fatalities Citywide
San Francisco, CA
May 18th, 2022
This map shows where 272 people have been killed by someone recklessly driving a motor vehicle in San Francisco since the city instituted its 'Vision Zero' program in 2014. Wherever possible, we also share information about the victim, the circumstances of the crash and political response (or lack thereof). This map humanizes the tragic loss of life we continue to experience on San Francisco's streets and starts to hold accountable the politicians who refuse to address this public health crisis. A driver crashes their car and hits someone in San Francisco, on average, every four hours. That's six times a day, every single day. Since 2014, San Francisco has lost someone to traffic violence roughly every 13 days. Enough is enough. Please support our work.
San Francisco, CA
Car Ownership By Census Tract
San Francisco, CA
March 15th, 2022
According to 2020 U.S. Census data, only 54% of San Francisco residents own a car. Yet cars dominate San Francisco's streets killing on average 30 residents each year and seriously injuring hundreds more. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is a direct correlation between affluence and car ownership. This map shows where cars live in San Francisco in relationship to household income.
Safe Lanes
Illegal Parking Tracker
Multiple Cities
August 13th, 2019
Safe Lanes is a mobile app and website that helps you collect and analyze illegal parking violations and work with your elected officials to demand safer streets.

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